Art Classes and Paint Parties!  Yes ladies and gentlemen I travel to you! Even if you are outside of Houston, I will fly, drive...maybe even catch a ride and host your next paint and sip party. Make sure you email me at for booking!

When is my next Solo show? hmm, well I am currently working on creating a collection that represents my growth, and who I really am as an artist. I want my next show to tell a story, and have purposeful meaning. 2018 (Spring-ish may be the tentative time) 

Art Gallery space. The big question I get every-time I meet new collectors, is "Where is your gallery?" That is another venture I am working towards, crossing my toes and fingers, and praying to the great Lord above that soon, and very soon I will have a space for all those that appreciate and love my work to vibe out in! So stay tuned!!!!!!

Often wonder the thoughts of an Artist?

I have released nifty little podcast, featuring all of the thoughts, affirmations, and just randomness that goes on in my deepest of thoughts. My art will be explained, often times my art has no direction, however as I am painting pieces, I will record myself rambling (As I do often-weird right?) And you will get insight in....drum roll...PinkLoMein!!!

Check it out here! Click below!

Tune into my podcast!